Our Visit To The Woodland Wildlife Rescue

At The Wild Lifestyle we really want to help make a difference and contribute to some great organisations that fight for the welfare of animals. 

What better way to celebrate our second month existing as The Wild Lifestyle than to take our first donation out to the lovely people at The Woodland Wildlife Rescue!

fox cubs

When we started talking to Michelle she told us how her daughter - Lilly - has a real passion for saving wildlife and currently has some rescued foxes which were in desperate need of a new pen.  Since our most popular T Shirt is the Fur Fox Sake tee it was just meant to be! 

fox cub

We were greeted by Lilly and soon realised that she is most certainly a super hero for animals! Wise beyond her years, she is very knowledgeable and taught us so much about the animals – her enthusiasm is infectious and we can see she has a bright future in animal rescue and helping others understand its importance. 

 fox cub tattoo

As soon as we entered the house we could hear the excitable chatter of two foxcubs – Fern and Hazel – scuttering around, playing with their two dogs. Lilly rescued the cubs when they were very young and as they are so tame she plans to introduce them in educational talks. People seem to be a bit desensitised - foxes are known for hunt purposes or as pests but aren’t seen as beautiful animals, with personalities, like your cats and dogs.  Lilly plans to educate and give insight into what foxes are really about, to open up eyes to the amazing creatures they are.

 happy fox cub

To sum up the little fox cubs:

  • Very soft and fluffy
  • Their behaviour was like a delightful mixture of puppy and kitten
  • Very talkative, especially when cheekily chasing each other around

 fox cub

We couldn’t leave without meeting the rest of the clan at the Woodland Wildlife rescue!

Lilly introduced us to her little hedgehogs and told us that down to human interference (destruction of habitat, the crossing of busy roads, etc) the little hogs could become extinct by 2020! She hopes to create a little hedgehog colony and give them a natural habitat to live safely and comfortably.  We will have to check back later in the year and see if they have had any babies!

 cute hedgehog

Next we visited the chicken pen (which was also home to ducks and geese!).  They waddled over to us, quacking and squawking away, looking to see if we had brought them any dinner.

 duck geese chickens

Finally we said hello to the sheep and goats and found out that the goats were Welsh too! We gave them an extra scratch on the head before they frolicked back off into their field.


Thank you so much Lilly and Michelle for inviting us to your wonderful haven. It was so nice to see so much love and dedication going into the animals care - we feel so lucky to have met you all!

(Also a big thank you to all our customers, your purchases just helped a wonderful cause)

Please go and visit their Facebook page for more information and photos all about the wonderful cause - https://www.facebook.com/woodlandwildliferescue/

baby fox cubs


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