New Puppy! Meet Tess

Recently we’ve had another canine house guest - meet the gorgeous little Tess!

yorkshire terrier puppy

Tess is a 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier, on foster with us from the Bridgend branch of The Dogs Trust.

tess yorkshire terrier

She was initially a very nervous little dog, constantly cowering and holding her tail between her legs, but with a few days of encouragement (plus the added playtime and support of Ninja) she has blossomed into a bouncy, happy little puppy.

yorkie puppy

Though she pretty much constantly follows us very closely around she is getting more confident each day, and now she will venture into the back yard!


tess yorkie puppyTess is very much a companion dog, she just loves to be near (or preferably on) you. She is so observant, Tess doesn’t miss a trick!

yorkie hide puppy

If you are thinking of inviting an animal into your family, please check out your local shelters. They are full of amazing creatures like Tess who are desperately looking for loving homes

cute puppy dog yorkshire terrier

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