Meet Harvey!

We often used to wonder what more we could do to help the animals and heard about fostering with The Dogs Trust. With Ninja’s help we take care of dogs and puppies temporarily until they find the perfect forever home. Our first foster puppy was a little 8 week old lurcher called Harvey.
harvey puppy
Harvey has a wonderful personality – your classic manic puppy, but he shows all the potential of being a very smart dog (plus it reallp helps that he is so soft and so cute!)
lurcher puppy
He is such a lively little chap! Chasing Ninja around the house, giving him a run for his money. Harvey shows great intrigue for the resident cat too, much to the cat’s displeasure…
harvey and ninja puppy 
Harvey is just a loving little fellow - he seems to be most content when his is having a cuddle with some humans.  He seems to really like chew toys too!
lurcher puppy
So far we have learnt that Harvey loves chasing leaves, his tiny horse toy and having a sleep whilst sitting on laps.  
whippet puppy basket
If you are ever thinking sharing your home with a dog or puppy please, please visit your local dog rescue - there are so many cuties out there that deserve and desperately need your love!
If you are interested in Harvey please get in touch with the Bridgend branch of the Dogs Trust, or get in touch with us and we will point you in the right direction!

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