Doggo Adventures - Keeper's Pond

Being based in South Wales we are lucky to have an abundance of gorgeous scenery and wonderful dog walks on our doorstep!

On this occasion we found our way to Pen-ffordd-goch Pond aka Keeper's Pond, which is just above Blaenavon and a great starting point to walk up the Blorenge Mountain.  It’s a really nice place if you want a quick walk around the pond or you can spend much longer going into the surrounding areas.  It’s not too taxing either so enjoy on a lazy day!

Keepers pond is easily accessable with a car park close by.  We are lucky that Ninja never strays far from us so we tend to let him off the lead when we can – unless your dog tends to wander off it is a fairly safe walk, the nearest road being quite a distance from the path

 (you can just see the road on the far right of this photo, as you can see it is reasonably far from the walking path)

Walking around these stunning, dramatic hills it is easy to let your mind wander and imagine the history of these areas and the geological development – how long it took glaciers to carve their shapes, how many ancient warriors footsteps we were walking in, how many dinosaurs stalked their prey… 


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